ActionCOACH ELITE Entrepreneur Membership Program

ActionCOACH ELITE Entrepreneur Membership Program

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ActionCOACH ELITE Entrepreneur Membership Program

Read more about ActionMEMBERSHIP and how to subscribe by clicking Here

The ActionCOACH Elite Entrepreneur Membership Program is a low-cost way for you to create a successful business that works without you.

30X Your Life & Your Business
30X is a program that deals in principles. Business principles last forever. They don't change with the birth and death of industries, and they never cease to play a role in how businesses grow. Access weekly learning on 30X your business, 30 X your life, Business Basics, Entrepreneurial growth series, Business RICH a total of 161 weeks’ worth of business and personal growth.

Peer Partner Program
Meet for one hour each week as a business peer group to hold you accountable for the achievement of your quarterly and monthly goals.

Book Of The Month Focus
Each month each member receives a book aligned to business growth, leadership growth or personal growth.  All members read and share their learnings from the book and how they have implemented them into their business and their lives.

Monthly Full Day Group Meeting
Members will meet monthly to network with other like-minded business owners, review you last month’s performance, learn new business strategies, and define what actions you need to take for the up-coming month.

Action Board
Form a round table peer group to set goals and KPI’s for the next 30 days. Member’s hot seat to overcome problems or gain access to opportunities. Attend and gain specific business awards.

Quarterly GrowthCLUB
Network with business owners in the group, review your last quarter achievements, break into groups and set your 90-day plan for financial growth, and define implementation for strategies to improve your business. Build a laser focused one-page plan as a focal point for the next 90 days.

Support Systems and Access
Gain access to your online business planning and the ActionCOACH portal to build your plan and track your progress toward business and personal goals.

Annual VIP Ticket to BizX
Business Excellence Forum and Awards is designed to deliver the best, most effective and highest business strategies for your business. Join us for two highly packed and inspiring days where you will receive business insights from renowned leaders. You and your team will leave with effective business skills including effective ROI strategies and multiple actions to grow your business. (Qualified  - after 9 months of continuous paid membership).

Your Investment:- subscription fee  of $1,000 + GCT  Monthly.

Read more about ActionMEMBERSHIP and how to subscribe  by clicking Here